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To approve experiments with animals and the number of animals used, the ethical committee of the institution and its legal representative should follow the recommendations of the ICLAS and the European directive 86/809/CEE, both included in the Real Decreto 1201/2005 (BOE 21 October 2005) and Law  9/2003 (BOE 27 April 2003).

All the experiments must be developed according to current rules:

Real Decreto 1205/2005 (B.O.E. 21 October 2005) on the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes; Law 32/2007 on the welfare of animals, their exploitation, carriage, experimentation and sacrifice (B.O.E. 8 November 2007).

In relation to genetically modified organisms, the legal regulations are Law 9/2003 (B.O.E. 26 April 2003), Real Decreto 178/2004 (B.O.E. 31 January 2004), and the Directives of the European Community (86/609/EU; 98/81/CEE; 2003/65/CE).

- Recommendations of the Commission of 18th July 2007 on the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes (number C (2007) 2525, text 2007/526/CE, D.O.C.E. 30 July 2007).

The use of biological agents should be carried out according to Law 31/1995 of the 8th November on the prevention of occupational hazards and according to the Spanish Reales Decretos.