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The General Instructions to Authors establish the obligation to complete and attach the Conflict of Interest Form when submitting a paper to Psychological Writings.  To guarantee independence, objectivity and trust, the authors are asked to complete this form and disclose any relationship with a public or private institution which could involve a potential conflict of interest.    

When an author or the author's institution has a relationship, financial or otherwise, with individuals or organizations that could influence the author's work inappropriately, a conflict of interest may exist. Examples of potential conflicts of interest may include, but are not limited to, academic, personal, or political relationships; employment; consultancies or honoraria; and financial connections such as stock ownership and funding.

Psychological Writings will not automatically reject studies with potential conflicts of interests; the disclosure of relationships and interests that could be viewed by reviewers and others as conflicts of interest affords a more transparent and cautious process and makes it possible to judge the extent to which the interests could have an influence on the study.

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