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Review Checklist for Manuscript Submission before submitting your article. Please use the following checklist adapted from the American Psychological Association (2001). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5ª ed.).  Washington, DC: APA.

■ The entire manuscript -including quotations, references, authors' notes, content footnotes, figure captions, and all parts of tables- is double-spaced.
■ The margins are at least 3 cm.
■  The first page of the manuscript includes the title in both Spanish and English (no longer than 15 words), suggested running head (3-6 words), an abstract (no longer than 200 words) and the key words (3-6 words).
■ The second page begins with the manuscript title and is followed by the main text.
■ The reference list, appendixes, figures, tables and authors’ notes, including acknowledgements, appear at the end of the text.
■ Author identification information is provided only in the cover letter.
■ All pages are numbered in sequence, starting with the title page. 
■ The manuscript does exceed 6000 words or, in the case of Brief Reports and Cases Reports, 3000 words.

Paragraphs and Headings
■ The levels of headings accurately reflect the organization of the paper.
■ All the headings of the same level appear in the same format.

■ Unnecessary abbreviations have been eliminated and necessary ones have been explained.
■ Abbreviations in tables and figures have been explained in the table notes and figure captions or legends.

Mathematics and Statistics
■ Greek letters and all but the most common mathematical symbols have been identified in the manuscript.
■ All non-Greek letters that are used as statistical symbols for algebraic variables have been typed in italics.  

Units of Measurement
■ The metric equivalents for all nonmetric units have been provided. 
■ All metric and nonmetric units with numeric values appeared abbreviated. 

■ All the references are cited both in the text and reference list.  
■ The text citations and reference list entries agree both in spelling and date.  
■ The text citations to nonempirical work are clearly distinguished from citations to empirical work.
■ The journal titles in the reference list have been spelled out fully.  
■ The references (both in the parenthetical text citations and in the reference list) are ordered alphabetically by the authors' surnames.
■ The page numbers for all articles or chapters in books are provided in the reference list.
■ References to studies included in meta-analyses are preceded by an asterisk.

Author’s Notes
■ Acknowledgements and sources of funding related to the study are included.
■ The author discloses special circumstances concerning the article (portions presented at a meeting, a student paper as a basis for the article, report on a longitudinal study, relationships that may be perceived as conflicts of interest, etc.).

Tables and Figures
■ Every table column, including the stub column, has a heading.
■ All vertical table rules have been omitted. 
■ All the elements in the figures are large enough to remain legible after the figure has been reduced to the width of a journal column or page.
■ Lettering in figures varies by no more than 4 points in font size.
■ JPG or TIFF files of figures have been attached. 
■ Each figure has been labelled with the correct figure number and short article title.
■ All the figures and tables have been indicated in the text and numbered in the order in which they are mentioned. 

■ Written permission to use previously published text, tests or portions of tests, tables, or figures has been enclosed with the manuscript.
■ The page or paragraph numbers are provided in text for all quotations.
The Authors’ Statement Form has been completed and addressed. 

Manuscript Submission
■ A cover letter has been written including the following information: 1. Title of article; 2. The authors’ full-name; 3. Each institutional affiliation; 4. The contact author’s postal address, e-mail, telephone number, and fax number for future correspondence; 5. A statement that the manuscript is original, not previously published, and not under concurrent consideration elsewhere; 6. Mention of any supplemental material submitted online; 7. Date.
The Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form should be completed and addressed.