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The review and editorial decision process will develop as follows:

1. Acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript within one week.

2. Every manuscript will be initially reviewed by a member of the Editorial Board who will coordinate the revision process. The paper could be rejected by this Editor if it does not comply with the minimum quality requirements; in such a case, this decision will be communicated to the authors in two weeks. In this stage, the Editor will test the originality of the paper by means of an anti-plagiarism program. If the manuscript agrees with the scope of the journal and fulfils the formal requirements described in these instructions, it will be sent to two external experts blind to the identity of the authors. One of them will be a specialist in the area; the other will be a methodology expert. They will send a report to the Journal suggesting or rejecting the manuscript’s publication as follows:

Acceptance without modifications.
Minor changes. The manuscript will be published if the authors make the suggested changes without further review.
Major changes. The modified manuscript will be reviewed again.

In case of disagreement between the experts, the manuscripts will be sent to a third reviewer. The authors are invited to consult the revision criteria in the section Instructions to the Reviewers.

3. Psychological Writings will send the reviewers’ comments to the author(s) and inform them whether the paper has been accepted within three months since submission.

4. If the manuscript is accepted with changes, the authors should send the corrected version back in three months. Also, they should send a letter detailing how they have followed the reviewers’ suggestions. They will receive a definite editorial answer in a month and a half.

5. Once the article has been accepted, the definite manuscript should be sent and The Authors' Statement Form, which is available in the Website, should be completed and addressed.