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Number 2 · September 1998
■ Editorial
■ Library
On the generality of the laws of learning.
Martin E. Seligman
■ Originals
Hypothetical problem solving and sociometric status in preschool children: A situational measure of the strategies.
Mª Victoria Trianes, Angela Muñoz and Manuel Jiménez
Effects of tourism on the attitude towards the superiority of social and cultural values of someone's own nationality.
Jesús Emilio San Martín García and Fabiola Perles Novas
Depression and memory: Explicit and implicit tests.
Mª Soledad Beato and Ángel Fernández
A form for study of relevant events and their consequences.
Alfredo Fierro and José Antonio Jiménez
Practical Excercises
Repeated measures design: A practical exercise.
Mª José Blanca
Basic principles for the formation of association in memory.
Alfredo Espinet