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Number 3 · September 1999
■ Editorial
■ Library
How we can best advance the construction of theory in Psychology.
Joseph R. Royce
■ Discussion
Experimental psychology versus cognitive neuroscience: Towards a convergence.
José María Ruiz Vargas
■ Theoretical Analysis
Assessment of personality: An alternative.
J. Manuel Hernández López, José Santacreu Mas and Víctor J. Rubio Franco
Child psychological abuse.
Joaquín de Paul Ochotorena
Theoretical Reviews
Cognitive and psychological aspects of Williams syndrome.
María Sotillo and José Francisco Navarro
Expectations of control and coping among multiple sclerosis patients.
Estrella López Pérez, Mª Mar González-Tablas Sastre, Ramón Fernández Pulido, Azucena Cerrón Prieto and Luisa Mª Sáez Regidor
Learning potential in students with educational special needs.
Joaquín González Pérez and Víctor Santiuste Bermejo