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Number 4 · September 2000
■ Library
Mind, brain and humanist values.
Roger W. Sperry
■ Theoretical Reviews
Psychology and health.
Alicia E. López Martínez
■ Survey
2000 survey.
Towards a redefinition of cognitive pshychology: Cognition in the brain.
José León Carrión
Different levels of research.
José Juan Cañas
Neuroscience needs of experimental psychology.
José Miguel Rodríguez Santos
Republic of science.
Alfredo Fierro
Child Psychological abuse: From theory to practice.
Alicia Martín Montalbán
When you know more, do you know more about how much you know?.
Rosa Bersabé Morán and Rosario Martínez Arias
Hardy personality, burnout and health.
Bernardo Moreno, Eva Garrosa y José Luis González
Psychosocial factors and delinquency: Study of reciprocal effects.
Estrella Romero, M. Angeles Luego and J.Antonio Gómez Fraguela
In memoriam
Angel Rivière: In memoriam.