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Number 5 · April 2001
■ Theoretical Analysis
Clinical knowledge and process of assessment.
Antonio Godoy
The model of stages of change in addiction programs.
Juan Díaz Salabert

■ Theoretical Reviews
Psychological styles and physical disease.
Violeta Cardenal Hernáez
■ Survey
2000 survey (Part two).
I speak, therefore I am: A behavioral approach to understanding problems of the self.
Robert J. Kohlenberg and Mavis Tsai
An author´s treatise.
Alfredo Fierro
On the convenience of treatises.
Marino Pérez
An intercultural analysis of family socialization and values in adolescents.
Amparo Agudedo, María Jesús Cava and Gonzalo Musitu
Practical Excercises
Preliminary "Teatinos" protocol for voice evaluation and functional diagnosis.
José A. Adrián, Jan C. Casado and Mercedes González