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Number 7 · September 2005
■ Theoretical Analysis

Social comparison and self-evaluation from an evolutionary perspective.
Luis Gómez Jacinto

Self under scrutiny.
Alfredo Fierro

The self and its pluralities: an analysis from the complexity paradigm.
Nuria Codina

■ Theoretical Reviews

Personality, self and health.
Violeta Cardenal Hernáez

José Antonio Jiménez Rodríguez

Self from the social identity theory.
Jesús M. Canto Ortiz and Féliz Moral Toranzo

Gender identity: Models.
Patricia García Leiva


Physical selfconcept and sports motivation in boys and girls teenagers.
José V. Esteve Rodrigo, Gonzalo Musitu Ochoa and Marisol Lila Murillo

Assessment Tools
Q-Methodoly and self-concept.