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Volume 2 / Number 1 · December 2008
■ Presentation
Julián Almaraz Carretero
[pp. 5] [HTML] [PDF]
■ Editorial
El Consejo Editorial
[pp. 6] [HTML] [PDF]
■ Articles

Knowledge against unhappiness: For an epicurean psychology
Alfredo Fierro
[pp. 7-23] [HTML] [PDF]

SMS: Social and cognitive impact
Elena Alonso, Manuel Perea
[pp. 24-31] [HTML] [PDF]

Longitudinal studies. Desing and analysis models
Jaume Arnau, Roser Bono
[pp. 32-41] [HTML] [PDF]

Identification with the characters and incidental persuasion through feature films
Juan José Igartua
[pp. 42-53] [HTML] [PDF]

Evaluation of diffuse axonal injury in traumatic brain injury
Carme Junqué
[pp. 54-64] [HTML] [PDF]

Retrieval of simple cue-outcome relationships is context-specific within informative contexts
Samuel P. León, María J. F. Abad, Juan M. Rosas
[pp. 65-73] [HTML] [PDF]

Level of independence in daily living and cognitive plasticity in old age
Elena Navarro González, María Dolores Calero García, Ángel López Pérez Díaz,
Isabel Torres Carbonell, M. José Calero García, Ana Luna Gómez Ceballos

[pp. 74-84] [HTML] [PDF]

Retroactive interference between cues trained apart: Empirical evidence and theory
Cristina Orgaz, David Luque, Miguel A. Vadillo, Francisco J. López, Helena

[pp. 85-96] [HTML] [PDF]

Romantic relationships in adolescence: Satisfaction, conflicts and dating violence
Virginia Sánchez Jiménez, Fco. Javier Ortega Rivera, Rosario Ortega Ruiz,
Carmen Viejo Almanzor
[pp. 97-109] [HTML] [PDF]

A review of the meta-analytic studies of reliability generalization
Julio Sánchez Meca, José A. López Pina, José A. López López
[pp. 110-121] [HTML] [PDF]