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Volume 2 / Number 3 · August 2009
■ Articles

Transcultural study on quality of life in patients diagnosed of schizophrenia from Mexico and Spain
Adolfo Jarne Esparcia, Teresita Villaseñor Cabrera, Joan Guàrdia Olmos, Mónica Arroyo Medrano, Maribel Peró Cebollero
[pp. 1-7] [HTML] [PDF]

Coping, depression, anxiety, self-efficacy and social support: Impact on adjustment to chronic pain
Maria Alexandra Ferreira Valente, José Luís Pais Ribeiro, Mark P. Jensen
[pp. 8-17] [HTML] [PDF]

Effects on the family context of a complex psychosocial intervention in children with TDAH
Mª Jesús Presentación, Vicente Pinto, Amanda Meliá, Ana Miranda
[pp. 18-26] [HTML] [PDF]

Which code does underlie multiplication? Evidences from a magnitude decision task with masked priming
Jesús Damas López
[pp. 27-34] [HTML] [PDF]

When 7+3=4 looks like correct: automatic solving of subtractions in verification task
Valle Lara Carmona, Javier García Orza, Patricia Carratalá Cepedal
[pp. 35-39] [HTML] [PDF]
Sexual coercion, commitment, and partner violence among college students
Elena Hernández González, Rosaura González Méndez
[pp. 40-47] [HTML] [PDF]