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Volume 3 / Number 1 · December 2009
■ Articles

Teachers’ self-efficacy, motivation and teaching strategies
Susana Rodríguez, José C. Núñez, Antonio Valle, Rebeca Blas ,Pedro Rosario
[pp. 1-7] [HTML] [PDF]

Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain: links between psycho and patho(logie)
Alicia E. López Martínez, Lydia Gómez Pérez, Gema T. Ruiz Párraga
[pp. 8-19] [HTML] [PDF]

Sex differences of anxiety disorders: Possible psychobiological causes
M. Carmen Arenas, Araceli Puigcerver
[pp. 20-29] [HTML] [PDF]

Matthew effect in children with mathematical learning disabilities
Margarita Blanco Pérez, Vicente Bermejo
[pp. 30-36] [HTML] [PDF]

The dynamics of fear: the defense cascade
Jaime Vila, Pedro Guerra, Miguel A. Muñoz, Pandelis Perakakis, Luis Carlos Delgado, Marlen Figueroa, Sofía Mohamedl
[pp. 37-42] [HTML] [PDF]
Peripheral physiological reactivity and brain activity in specific phobias
Juan Pedro Sánchez Navarro, José María Martínez Selva
[pp. 43-54] [HTML] [PDF]