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Volume 3 / Number 2 · Abril 2010
■ Articles

Program of life review support on the new technologies for elderly people: an positive psychology application
Ernestina Etchemendy, Rosa María Baños, Cristina Botella, Diana Castilla
[pp. 1-7] [HTML] [PDF]

Life satisfaction, community participation, place attachment and identity of place in immigrants and natives
Mª Luisa Ríos Rodríguez, Mª Pilar Moreno Jiménez
[pp. 8-16 [HTML] [PDF]

Affective neuroscience of ADHD: Current data and future directions
Sara López-Martín, Jacobo Albert, Alberto Fernández-Jaén, Luis Carretié
[pp. 17-29] [HTML] [PDF]

Family Functioning Evaluation Scale FACES III: Model of two or three factors?
Vanina Schmidt, Juan Pablo Barreyro, Ana Laura Maglio
[pp. 30-36] [HTML] [PDF]

■ Brief Reports
Adaptation of Sources of the Sport Confidence Questionnaire (SSCQ) to the spanish context
Constantino Arce, Javier Garrido, Elena Andrade, Julio Torrado, Cristina de Francisco, Iria Arce
[pp. 37-40] [HTML] [PDF]
Automatic dominance detection in dyadic conversations
Sergio Escalera, Rosa M. Martínez, Jordi Vitrià, Petia Radeva, M. Teresa Anguera
[pp. 41-45] [HTML] [PDF]