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Volume 3 / Number 3 · August 2010
■ Articles

Modelling split-plot data and nonstationary covariance structures: a simulation study
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.2903
Roser Bono, Jaume Arnau, Guillermo Vallejo
[pp. 1-7] [HTML] [PDF]

Involvement of portuguese health care professionals in identifying organ donors
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.1803
Belén Rando
[pp. 8-14] [HTML] [PDF]

Ethnic Identity among Indigenous and Mestizos from Intercultural University of Chiapas
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.0604
Moisés Esteban, Josep Maria Nadal, Ignasi Vila
[pp. 15-21] [HTML] [PDF]
Global processing deficit in Alzheimer’s disease
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.1904
María J. Blanca, Teresa Rodrigo and Rebecca Bendayan
[pp. 22-26] [HTML] [PDF]
Thinking and learning styles among teaching and psychopedagogy students: differences according to course and speciality
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.0707
Patricia Robledo Ramón, Jesús Nicasio García Sánchez, Carmen Díez González, Mª Lourdes Álvarez Fernández, Josefina Milagros Marbán Pérez, Ana Mª de Caso Fuentes, Raquel Fidalgo Redondo, Olga Arias Gundín, Deilis Ivonne Pacheco Sanz
[pp. 27-36] [HTML] [PDF]