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Volume 3 / Number 4 · September-December 2010
■ Research Reports

Educational innovation in research methodology: Improving students' scientific skills and attitudes
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.0909
José Fernando García, Enrique Gracia, María C. Fuentes, Marisol Lila, Joan Pascual
[pp. 1-10] [HTML] [PDF]

Differential impact of religion on prejudice in Muslim and Christian samples
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.2909
Máximo Núñez Alarcón, Félix Moral Toranzo y Mª del Pilar Moreno Jiménez
[pp. 11-20] [HTML] [PDF]

Estimated point prevalence of neuropsychological disorders associated with major depressive disorder
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.2611
Esteve Gudayol-Ferre, Joan Guàrdia-Olmos, Ixchel Herrera-Guzmán, Maribel Peró-Cebollero, Jorge Herrera-Abarca, Daniel Herrera-Guzmán, Patricia Martínez-Medina
[pp. 21-32] [HTML] [PDF]
Bayesian analysis of variables related to the development of Burnout syndrome in health professionals
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.2212
Guillermo A. Cañadas, Luis M. Lozano, Emilia I. de la Fuente, Cristina Vargas, Lorena Saldaña
[pp. 33-39] [HTML] [PDF]
■ Theoretical Review
The effect of emotion on prospective memory: a new approach based on operant procedures
DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2010.2112
Fernando Gordillo León, José M. Arana Martínez, Juan J. G. Meilán, Lilia Mestas Hernández
[pp. 40-47] [HTML] [PDF]